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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi


Guyz before beginning this epi I need to let you know 1 thing that..this epi is thoda exhausting… … .soooo would we be able to play one diversion here… … .


Okkk we will play yet finally… … .

Recap:confusion comprehended b/t abhi and raman… lagori posses conditions to raman for marriage

EPI 11..


Epi starts here… ..

Raman: soo tell what r ur conditions for this marriage

Thapki: okk… I will tell first condtion

Zoya: no..i will tell

Pragya: why you… I will

Sona: you guyz stop fighting..i will tell first

PTZ: no… I will tell

Sona: I will

Thapki: I will

Raman: aree oyee… chiller posse … plz quit battling and let one know by one

Ishu: how could you to call my frndz chiller posse

Raman: aree… meri maa… nhi sharpen wali biwi

Ishu gives irate look and said: pehle conditions suno fhir bolo

Raman: then request that they tell quick…

Ishu: let him know ur conditions

Pragya(in mind): on the off chance that I will let him know not to get abhi this marriage then most likely my frndz won’t give this a chance to happen

Pragya: so..1st… .abhi won’t come in this marriage

Zoya: why??

Pragya: bcoz I m saying

Raman: yet whats ur problem..he is my frnd… n he will come in my marriage… sorry I won’t satisfy this condition

Zoya: okk… waise… abhi ko to aana greetings padega

Pragya gets to be upbeat at the top of the priority list

Sona: second… ishu won’t settle in America

Raman: what??

Zoya: yes

Raman: then where she will live

Thapki: wear know… however she won’t go in America

Raman: however I have to go there… .

Pragya: then wipe out the marriage

Raman: noo… .imagine a scenario where… .i will go America for a week then reaming days of month I will be in india.

Sona: okk… .however one and only week… .no more days… … ..nad you shld be with ishu just… .

Raman: okkk… .meri maa

Sona: maa nhi

Raman: okk… mrs.whatever!!

Sona gets flashback of dev saying her mrs.whatever..

Sona: why I m getting his flaskback… … .dont consider him sona… .simply focus on ishu now…

Thapki: what happen sona

Sona: nothing you cont. with next conditions

Raman: what number of conditions… .

Pragya: two more

Zoya: on the off chance that we recognize tears easily bcz of u… then we won’t abandon all of you

Raman: okkk done… ..

Tahpki: and last one… .

Raman: what??

Thapki: marriage will happen in our direction… you need to hear us out

Ramn:nowww… .okkkkkk… … .everything will happen as indicated by ur wish

Ishu has little tears in her eyes bcz of her frnds… that the amount they look after her… .

Ishu: now… guyz gives up… .i think nobody has any issue for marriage right?

PSZTR: yesss… ..we don’t have

Ishu: now gives up../..

Each of them six goes in corridor… .

Aamma: raman… beta did young ladies experience difficulty you a considerable measure

Raman seeing towards ishu: haan amma…

Aama: what????what they have done

Ishu gaze an irate look

Raman: aama… I mean they didn’t inconvenience me… they talk pleasantly to me

Raman(in mind): raman puttar… shadi ke pehle hey tumhara eisa haal hai… shadi ke baad pata nhi kya hoga!!

Ishu: raman..what happen

Raman: aree nothing… … .i was stating that… I am prepared to do this marriage

Mrs. Bhalla: shouldn’t something be said about you ishu

PSTZ: we are likewise prepared for marriage

Mrs.bhalla: what??????how would you be able to all young ladies wed raman

Raman blasts into chuckling

Zoya: ji..i imply that we are likewise prepared for raman’s and ishu’s marriage

Raman: mummy… agar meine in 5 ladkiyon ke sath shadii kar di..toh mera kya hoga… .

Ishu in raman ears and in moderate voice: jo me karungi wahi hoga…

Raman: what??? What do you mean

Ishu: wahi jo application samje

Raman: standard mein to kuch nhi samja…

Ishu: to rehne do..duffer


Ishu: (in boisterous voice): yessss ..duffeerrrrrrrrr

Amma: ishu… aise nhi bolte…

Pragya: now let it be… … ..

Mr.bhalla: now I think we shld take off..

Appa: yess… .return once more… we will meet tomorrow to settle the marriage date

Mrs bhalla:ok done/… we will meet tomorrow…

Ishu(which can hear by raman just): you comprehend what do I mean..

Raman: what??

Ishu: jitna mein pareshan karungi na..usse jyada simple frndz aapko pareshan karenge… .

Raman: ohh… I thought something else

Ishu: kuch mat socho… raman kumar bhalla… .

Mrs bhalla: now we will take off

Amma: yaa… will meet tomorrow

Raman and his family went to their home…

What’s more, IPSTZ went to ishu’s room

Zoya: kitna achha ladka hai who…

Sona: yes!! Better that your mr.khan

Zoya: tum bich mein mat bola

Sona: why??its my right I will talk

Thapki: sona zoya… .now don’t begin to battle again on senseless reasons… .

Zoya: haan,,,so what I was stating

Sona; raman is so nyc

Zoya: yes ofcourse he is nyc..

Pragya: acc to my perception… ..think so he will take great tend to

Ishu: yet I cannot comprehend one thing…

Thapki: what??

Ishu: by what means would he be able to effectively say yes for this maarige… I mean… he said that he need to wed me as it were

Sona: ya… .i likewise don’t comprehend same thing

Zoya: kuch reason ho sakta hai

Pragya: is somebody constraining him to wed

Thapki: would we be able to ask him

Ishu: no… he won’t let us know then… .we shld find abt it

Sona: what would we be able to do??

Zoya: hold up… I have one thought

Sona: we don’t need your thoughts… none of them work

Zoya: okk… .you don’t help me… I will help myself and spy on raman

Pragya: ohhkk… .you keep an eye on raman

Thapki: and ishu..when raman will call him… .attempt to talk… .

Ishu: okk…

Zoya: 2morrow I will go to keep an eye on raman… and you would what you like to do

Pragya: I will likewise accompany you

Sona: mee as well… I will likewise..

Ishu: okk… ..PSZ will go… and me and thapki will attempt to know abt his experience nd his past



Scene closes here… .sad for exhausting and short epi… .next will be posted soon

Precap: lagori groups keeping an eye on raman… All met at same spot… (zoya,pragya,sona,thapki,ishu,raman,asad,dev,abhi and bihaan)..and … full on masti… …


Gives begin with diversion… a chance to need to just cmnt haa… …

So I will ask you some que..

what number of perusers are from YHM serial ???? what number of from TPK??? What number of from KRPKAB????How numerous from KB??? What’s more, what number of from QH????


Gives see from which serial there are numerous perusers… .and ha you a chance to can cmnt more than 2 serials likewise… …