pyaar dosti hai a shraman ff ( ek duje ke vaaste) promo

pyaar dosti hai a shraman ff ( ek duje ke vaaste) promo

Hi folks… .!!

Maria here wid d promo of my ff… .

Trust u lyk it… .!!

So we should strt…

— –SCENE 1— — –

There will be a diversion truth n dare… .

All r getting a charge out of container stops on adi… . ?

Evry1 cheers fr him…

Ayesha: truth or dare??

Adi: dare…

Sumo: alright now I will let him know wat to do… … she considers… .yes sing a sentimental melody for khushi… .!!

— –evry1 cheers he does as such— –

At that point bottle stops on shr… ..

Sumo: truth or dare??

Adi: plzz yr every1 is picking dare… .. Plz pick truth

Shr: ummmmm alright truth

Khushi: alright here is d question…… u ever… .cherished… .smone????

Adi: saccha wala frndship wala nai matlab ishq..??

Shr: well

Everybody WS stunned .!!!

Adi: kis se??

Shr: hahahah ques WS just 1… ..everybody gets miserable

Shr: acha bhee she WS my eng instructor…

— – SCENE 2— — –

Sumo: so who is dis young lady?? ?

Shr: wat young lady?? ?

Sumo: whom u love..

Shr: don’t u accept wat I said I told u all… .

Sumo: u lied… .

Shr: ooh truly u think… .

He gets nearer to her… ..

Shr: u knw me exceptionally well huh?? ?

— LATER— — –

Sumo goes to shr room she finds smthing… … ..

Shr WS passing close-by he hears a sound frm him room… .

He goes to his room… .

Here sumo is attempting to remain on her feet … ..she is in profound stun… .

Shr saws d same thing in her grasp he gets stunned …

Shr: sumo… …

Sumo takes a gander at him bt she ws nt ready to say anything because of stun ness… .


So folks how WS the promo ????? ?

WS it energizing or I simply exhausted u folks… …

In the event that u lyk dis promo itto sa Bhi then plzzz cmmnt… . ?

Alright tym fr d question… ..

1) wat do u think sumo found in shr room… ..???

2) why is she so stunned ? N shr moreover??

Plzzz ans them two ATLEAST surmise … .

N folks do u need an OS after d promo or not plzzz let me know dis additionally… .

N wat sort:

Passionate sentiment

Sentiment hello there sentiment… …

Plzz gypuys let me know ur ans n criticisms by means of cmmnts

N quiet peruser (don’t day noiseless u tooo cmmnt m holding up)

Till then by… .

Love u all❤❤❤❤