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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum nineteenth July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rahul jokes with Manvi over the circumstance. Truly, I would have shot you as a result of the way you were utilizing that blade in the event that you weren’t my better half. They hear somebody coming in and stow away. Yamini comes in holding a firearm. Rahul and Manvi look on from their concealing spot. Manvi proposes getting away from that point seeing the hijacker (Yamini) gone from that point. Manvi inquires as to whether he supposes the criminal would have left my now. Yamini hits him with a stick in view of which he falls oblivious. Manvi gets stressed for him. Criminal tries harming Manvi yet she holds the stick. This is the last time you are harming my better half. Yamini/ruffian says you are correct. This is the last time. Rahul will pass on now. She slaps Manvi and discards the stick. Yamini takes a gander at Rahul. Poor Manvi, Harsh atleast knew

the explanation for his passing. They won’t know anything. They will pass on simply like my Yugant did. Manvi asks Kidnapper/Yamini what they have done to him. Yamini focuses weapon at Manvi. I am just satisfying my guarantee to Yugant. Manvi pushes the bunk towards Yamini. Rahul awakens at this point. Manvi requests that he spare her. He sees the little sanctuary in there. A trident is kept there. Rahul hits Yamini with the trident. She flees. Manvi requests that Rahul come. We shouldn’t stay here any longer. He concurs. Rahul sees blue shaded blood on the floor. In what capacity would it be able to be?

Yamini goes to her unique structure. I can’t shroud this injury as it is a result of Mata’s trident.

Raj is at police headquarters. He requests to have his child back securely.

Rahul is certain his dad would have educated everybody at this point. Everybody must search for me. We will get help soon. Manvi gets miserable thinking about her Baba. He would have gone calm. He has officially lost his child and now me. Rahul feels terrible. I will never abandon you ever in the event that you simply give me a possibility.

Upmanyu sits devastated. Why is God doing this to me? What do you need? You took my child in this maturity and now my little girl. Slaughter me. It will be superior to anything this. I ponder where my girl would be at this moment. Raj sees his looks. Try not to stress. I wont let anything happen to our children. I will get them back securely. Upmanyu gestures tragically.

Police discovers Rahul and Manvi and make them sit in the auto. Magistrate illuminates Raj about the same. Raj says thanks to him. Official calls it their obligation. They are gone to your home.

Sonali declines to drink or eat anything till the children are back. Dadi approaches her to eat something for Shilpa’s purpose. Sonali inquires as to whether she would have eaten something if Raj was in issue. Nisha is irritated. These ladies quit eating or drinking at whatever point something turns out badly with Rahul and Manvi. Mother has gotten to be white collar class like Manvi’s mother by staying with her. Sonali guarantees Shilpa that children will return home securely. Nothing can transpire till the time they are as one. She gets Raj’s call. Everybody is glad to realize that Rahul and Manvi are sheltered with the exception of Nisha. They got away from terrorists as well! Sonali requests Sandhya/Yamini who comes simply then. Sonali questions her on her whereabouts. Yamini is chafed that Sonali needs to ask everything. NIsha trusts she doesn’t censure her this time. Yamini cooks a fake story which Sonali falls for. Sonali sends her to cook something pleasant for the couple. Yamini acts to be cheerful. Nisha supposes this lady (Yamini) has a book of reasons.

Manvi and Rahul are headed home. She sees that despite everything he is not fine. She makes him lay his head on her shoulder. She considers what everything he did to spare her. I know you watch over me. I know you mind a considerable measure. I don’t get it. Why isn’t there trust in the midst of us when affection is? You have taken a chance with your life to spare me today. I wont overlook it ever. There is something else too which I wont overlook. You cleared out me when I required just you close by.

Sonali thinks to advise Sandhya what is to be cooked. She sees drops of blue shading on the floor. She takes after the blood trail (nobility) which takes her to Sandhya/Yamini’s room. She is befuddled as to what it may be.

Sandhya/Yamini covers her hand when Sonali thumps at the entryway. Sonali gets some information about the blue shading on the floor. Yamini is tensed. I neglected to clean it. She calls it ink. I conveyed it to compose letter to mother. Perhaps the top was open. I dint notice. I will simply clean it. Sonali requests that her come to kitchen in the wake of twisting this up. Yamini gestures. she reviles herself for committing such errors. I will need to slaughter that individual immediately who makes sense of my truth.

Rahul and Manvi get back home. everybody administers to Rahul and Manvi. Nisha supposes I hosted arranged a get-together thinking about their demise. Presently I will need to wipe out it. Sonali asks them what happened. Rahul says it is only Manvi brings up that he got a projectile shot. I took it out. Sonali requests that Raj call doc. Raj has officially done it. He admonishes Manvi for acting like a doc. Rahul reasons that it was imperative to spare the toxin from spreading in the body. I wouldn’t have been alive on the off chance that she wouldn’t have done it. Dadi offers Prasad to everybody. Mata Rani heard my supplications. Yamini hears everything from far. She serenades a few mantras on account of which Manvi hacks seriously. Rahul and Shilpa pat at her back. They request that somebody bring water.

Doc comes. He requests that Rahul go to his room. I will check you there. Manvi advises Sonali to bring Rahul with her. Sonali requests that Manvi be with Rahul as he needs her right at this point. Manvi says he has his whole family with him however my folks don’t have anybody with them as of now. It is imperative for me to be with them. Rahul prevents his mom from saying anything. He expresses gratitude toward Manvi for sparing his life. He goes to his room with his folks while Manvi heads towards the entryway with her folks.

Precap: Yamini sort of embraces Rahul while attempting to make him wear his shirt. He looks uncomfortable while she alters the catches on his shirt. Nisha sees them along these lines. It will be an issue for me on the off chance that she too goes distraught for Rahul like Avanti.