Gangaa 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa nineteenth July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:

Area: Ganga’s home

All take a seat for breakfast, while ganga goes along. they give her veggie lover dishes. seeing ganga lost and tensed, the woman asks her what happened. ganga says that she too feels beautiful, being here, and expresses gratitude toward her, that on the off chance that she hadnt been here she wouldnt know, where she would have been, and that they are all similar to her sisters, and the sooner she lands a position, tyhings would be fine. the woman inquires as to whether she wouldnt need to satisfy her fantasy, of instruction. ganga says that its alright, however she needs money related dependance, so that when the kid comes, she can satisfy the liabilities. the woman tries to discuss her significance of training. ganga says that she supposes in regards to the present, and right now, she needs to begin working, so that she doesnt need to take any favors,

also, once the budgetary circumstance shows signs of improvement, she can again resumeher instruction. the woman solicits one from them, on the off chance that she can land ganga a position. she goes along, and requests that ganga spruce up, so she can accompany her lone, to the doctor’s facility today.

Scene 2:

Area: Sagar’s habitation

Supriya is halted from working, by sagar on the porch calling attention to her fragile condition. she inquires as to whether he feels she ought to just rest. he gives her more pregnant lady prompt, while she actuates him to attempt and tell more, while he gives her insight concerning how a pregnant lady ought to be upbeat, and settled. she is tensed, and says that when ganga too is in this state, shouldnt she too be dealt with like that. he is tensed. she inquires as to whether he didnt think once, who might watch over her, and how is she, and in what condition, whether she nourishes and rests appropriately or not. he gets uncomfortably. she says that she tends to ganga, as she has remained by them, through various challenges, and upheld them each which way, and they forsook her when she required them the most. he says that she doesnt need them, as she has underscores that she doesnt need anybody, and that he is certain that ganga would be fine wherever she is.

Ground floor, prabha’s and maharaj’s battle reverberates in the whole house. Prabha hollers for madhvi to turn out. supriya and sagar descend as well. prabha is offended and shouts at the way, even workers are hollering at her. madhvi asks whats the matter. prabha says that she was being offended by maharaj and being blamed for lying. ammaji comes and asks whats the matter. he says that he met sudha in the business sector and sudha let them know that ganga doesnt stay in the ashram. they are all boggled. he describes what really happened, and how noone knows now where is ganga. all are paralyzed and stunned. he reminds them what prabha told lies, and that the fact of the matter is ganga wasnt even at the ashram, and prabha didnt even meet her. madhvi inquires as to whether what maharaj is stating, is reality. prabha bumbles. he begins denouncing her, for the way she lied, and discusses how ganga wasnt permitted to stay in the ashram. he calls attention to how prabha harmed them and their brains about ganga. ammajiasks her why she did this. prabha says that reasoning this way, she went to scan for ganga, as she more likely than not demolished their lives, however they wouldnt walk out on ganga. ammaji requests that her not do any show and really tell what happened. all stand tensed. prabha advises her that she met ganga at the taxi stand. all are stunned to hear this. sagar descends asking what happened next. prabha calls attention to how tensed he is, simply listening to her name, and henceforth kept the mystery. prabha makes up stories, about meeting ganga at the transport stop, where a man came to see her, whom she saw affectionately, and palced her head on his shoulders. she says that he wiped her tears, and after that they had a discussion, after which she sat in his auto and went off. they are stunned to hear this. ammaji believes that she suspected as much high of ganga and this is what happened. rudra asks her who was that individual, and requests that her attempt and tell what he resembled. prabha asks what great would it be able to do now to comprehend what the person resembled. seeing them getting affected, she keeps on impelling them further. maharaj feels that he isnt ready to trust prabha by any means. ammaji is crushed. prabha swings to sagar, and beseeches him to comprehend that he should show signs of improvement young lady than ganga, and requests that he upbeat. he says that he isnt intrigued either in ganga or any other person, and that ganga can have her rich and nice looking beau, as he has other essential work. he requests that supriya get prepared soon, as she expected to go to the specialist, and says that he should hold up outside. as sagar leaves, ammaji sees his situation, and imagines that she should never excuse him. all scatter while prabha stands tensed, and afterward leaves as well. rudra eyes her going.

Scene 3:

Area: Hospital

ganga is conveyed to the healing center, by the woman, and afterward they request the specialist, yet are told, that she is occupied, and would meet her with respect to ganga’s occupation after at some point. the woman says that she needs to hit her up work, and cant hold up here with her. Ganga requests that her not trouble, as she should effortlessly hold up here. Careless in regards to this, sagar enters with supriya for her checkup. be that as it may, before they can see her, a guest comes in the middle of, and they dont meet. supriya runs with sagar inside, in the holding up lobby, while ganga holds up outside. as gamnga shukla is called for, sagar gets frightened and surges outside hunting down ganga. Sagar takes cover behind the shades, when he finds ganga sitting in the gynecologist’s chambers. ganga tries to talk, yet the specialist quieted her down. the specialist gets some information about her pregnancy, with reference to what extent has it been, when did she become more acquainted with, whats her name. ganga tries to clarify that she isnt here for this, however the specialist expecting that she is a patient, keeps on giving her prompt. the gynecologist tells about pre-natal prompt. ganga answers all the quetions tirelessly, however she gets shocked and shocked, the specialist solicits her the name from the father. sagar too sits tight tensedly for her answer, in foresight, while ganga sits amazed. She requests that her compose the same name as the father as well, as she bears both the obligations. the specialist stands befuddled. simply then, the woman comes inside, and tells the specialist how ganga sought an occupation. she clears the perplexity. sagar is stunned to realize that she has wanted work. justy then, the specialist is approached to come in for a crisis case. she requests that her train ganga alongside the medical caretakers for at some point, after which they might see where to place her, and afterward hurriedly clears out. ganga and the woman grins. the woman praises her on her new begin, and requests that her head towards the medical attendants’ station, while she goes to a patient, and afterward gets her uniform as well. ganga consents. the woman takes off. ganga is yanked towards one corner, and stuck against the divider, by sagar. she is shocked stands amazed. Sagar asks her for what good reason didnt she give the name of the father, and asks where is he, with whom she went that day, from the transport stop and inquires as to whether he at this moment, as he ought to be with her through this. she says that the father of the tyke is right here. he asks where, and in the event that he is sitting in the auto putside. she is apalled, as he holds her tensedly. he inquires as to whether she sees herself as so keen, then why she stooped down so low. she asks what, and implores him to complete the sentence. he wrneches her hand, while she says that she is in agony. he gives up, and she is going to leave, when he stops her. he gets some information about her training, and how she would have preferred to satisfy her dad’s fantasy, and why she needed to work in the healing center then, and inquires as to whether the father isnt supporting her for the kid. she requests that he comprehend something like this, or else she doesnt need to take his assistance. he inquires as to why, and if this is on the grounds that she doesnt adore him. she lets him know that she adores him to such an extent, that she cannot describe, yet her sense of pride is much more valuable than her sentiments towards him. she leaves from that point, while he stands staggered. she wipes her tears and strolls ahead, while sagar surges after her. in any case, the medical attendant stops him, requesting that him not go further. ganga surges inside the medical caretakers’ station. he wishes to meet her, however he is denied any further consent. simply then, supriya comes and asks whats the matter. he doesnt tell and says that he is fine. she says that she is done, and was holding up at the gathering. he thinks about whether their relationship has resulted in these present circumstances level now, that they are acting to each different as outsiders, and thinks if the youth recollections dont matter to her by any means. The screen solidifies on his tensed face.

Precap: As a few goons assault ganga’s home, and attempt to take kashish away, alternate women battle them off. gnga is harmed however not impeded. she keeps on battling with them, to prevent them from taking kashish away. one of the goons takes a blade out, and afterward swears, setting it under ganga’s throat, pledges to murder her off on the off chance that anybody demonstrations savvy. all are stunned. sagar mediates and comes in the house, and is stunned to see the circumstance the house is in.