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Waaris 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Waaris 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Waaris nineteenth July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode begins with Mannu instructing maths to Sukhi the way Raj taught him. Sukhi jokes and chuckles, saying incorrectly reply. Mannu holds his head. Sukhi requests that he concentrate now, I will eat laddoo now, I need to keep running in race as well. Mannu says I will win in race. Sukhi asks how, I need to win. Mannu says I need to win, I need to advise mummy not to send Mama with me. Sukhi says then it will be enjoyable. Raavi asks Mannu is he prepared to win. Mannu says yes, I run speedier, nobody can ridicule me, Sukhi can come next. Raavi thinks then my work will get eady.

Its morning, Mannu appeals to God for winning in race. He goes. Amba additionally appeals to God for Mannu, and says Mannu ought not ask anything which I can’t give him, its offer day for Mannu, she will keep running with the young men, she needs to win. Waaris… .plays… … .

Amba and

family go to the games day. The man says the race track has numerous obstacles. Amba thinks its extreme race. Mannu requests that her say yes, will she give him anything he requests. Bebe requests that Amba say yes soon. Amba says its extreme race, would you be able to run Mannu. Mannu says yes. Amba says fine, yes, go and run. Mannu grins and goes. Raavi cheers for Mannu. Bebe approaches Raavi to cheer for Sukhi. Raavi cheers for Mannu and Sukhi.

The man advises race tenets to cross obstacles and after that thumbs up. Sukhi asks is this fundamental. The man says yes. The race starts. Mannu contends well, yet gets late in intersection the rope structure. Amba thinks its extreme for a young lady, however she can do this, Bheeru and my educating won’t give you a chance to lose, you are solid, don’t lose, run. Sukhi stops and tries to swindle. The man gets him and makes him out of race. Bebe requests that Raavi see her sluggish child. Raavi says I m saying Mannu will win.

Alternate young men excel. Mannu tumbles down and shouts. The young men joke on him. Raavi thinks what happened to Mannu, win Mannu and dispose of Bheeru. Amba gets stressed. Mannu gets up and gets speed. He goes to next level of race and crosses obstacles, while all the young men tumble around trouble of the level. Mannu figures out how to stretch out beyond level 5. Mannu tumbles down and everybody giggle. Raavi requests that Mannu run. Mannu runs quicker and thinks about his words to Raj. He tumbles down. The man says Manpreet Pavaniya fell in light of tiredness. Mannu gets back in the race. The other kid Balwinder wins the race. Mannu thinks how could this happen, I functioned so hard, why did I not win. Raavi thinks Mannu lost, how to make Bheeru far from him. Mannu cries. Amba supposes this is my disappointment as well, you are my Waaris, so you must be solid like a child. Raavi cries and says Mannu lost. Amba sees Mannu crying.


Mannu says I buckled down, how could i have been able to I lose then. Bebe tells Amba that Jagan will raise Mannu now. Amba, Jagan and Mannu get stunned.