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Santoshi Maa 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa nineteenth July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Dhairya requesting that Sinduri accompany him. She grins. He inquires as to why is she grinning. She requests that he converse with her well. He says fine, please accompany me. She embraces him and says I can even go to damnation in the event that you say. He supposes he is doing this to take her out. He requests that her come quick. She asks whats the work. Tantric does the puja. Sinduri comes there and gets stunned. Dhairya requests that her stay there. She inquires as to why, whats that spot. She contends with Santoshi. He requests that Sinduri sit, and he will advise her later. She sits on his truism. Tantric does puja, and makes Sinduri do a few customs.

He says I got the apparition in my grasp and she gets bleary eyed. She yells and says I have come here. She panics tantric and requests that you need catch me right, I won’t come in your grasp. Dhairya holds Santoshi

what’s more, gets terrified. Sinduri acts and requests that tantric leave, else I will uncover you. She puts water on havan kund and says I won’t come in your control, flee. Tantric says she is extremely perilous and runs.

Santoshi Maa converses with Gaumata and says when all arrangements closes, superstition begins. Sinduri chuckles and says you felt I have phantom on me, I adore Dhairya, today I move you, I will get my adoration. Dhairya and Santoshi look on. she says I m not distraught, there is no apparition on me, and how is Dhairya trusting this, I m your Santoshi, on the off chance that you request that I give Agni pariksha, I was prepared, trust me, I m Santoshi who adores you. She strolls to Dhairya and he moves back. Santoshi comes in the middle of and chastens Sinduri. Kaki looks on. Santoshi requests that Sinduri not test her understanding, Dhairya and my connection is not feeble that anybody comes and grabs Dhairya from me, see this mangalsutra in my neck and this sindoor, its of Dhairya’s name, when it goes ahead lady’s better half, lady can battle with Yamraj as well, then who are you, history knows this.

Dhairya holds Santoshi’s hand and requests that Sinduri clear out. She says fine, I will go as you are stating, yet Dhairya is my saint, I will demonstrate this. She goes.

Swarnrekha says my dad skilled me to Devraj Indra, I won’t stay as a thing, one day I will make Naag command Devlok, and spot Naag Lord here. Devraj Indra comes to meet her, and Daasi requests that he hold up. He holds up. Narad comes and says surprisingly, I m seeing you sitting tight for quite a while. Devraj Indra says Swarnrekha is my visitor, so I came to see whether she require something. Narad says love has substance, nobody can conceal it. He goes.

Guddu hits the dance floor with Sharmili. Madhuri comes there and sees them. She hacks. Guddi says you have experience, atleast thump the entryway and come. Madhuri says sorry, I mistook, I came to see Sharmili, why did Sharmili not cook anything. Guddi says Sharmili needs to get isolated from all of you. Madhuri admonishes him. Sharmili gazes at her. Madhuri says I mean I would have clarified Sharmili. Guddu says there is no issue in this. Madhuri says I will tell your Papa, he will see you. She goes. He stresses and says now Papa will beat me. Sharmili persuades him.

Santoshi holds Dhairya’s hand and embraces him. Sun zara… plays… … . Sinduri comes there and asks Dhairya will you not concur I m genuine Santoshi, I let you know everything, this is fake Santoshi. Dhairya says Santoshi is my significant other, who are you, only a servant, I would have shown you out if Madhu did not stop me, don’t go to my room like this once more. Santoshi requests that Sinduri leave now. Sinduri says you will know great and awful on naag panchami, that day your falsehood will end Santoshi. She clears out. Santoshi thinks to accomplish something soon.